Trudy Jo Campbell has been creating visual art as long as she can remember. Influenced and encouraged by artist and art educator, Tess Ewing, Trudy maintains the philosophy that a connection with the six senses allows you to 'see' in order to create. Her training as a draughtsman, having worked on vellum, tracing paper and mylar with pencil, pen and ink, gave her a firm background in technical drawing. Her skills as a designer have been honed, also, having worked in the industry for over thirty years.

Trudy is active with many arts organizations on the west coast, serving on the executive of LAWN for several years and teaching art at Grenfell's Continuing Education in an effort for outreach. Her work has been selected for numerous curated shows and she continues to be privately commissioned for paintings and architectural drawing perspectives. Labelled a 'strong painter', she is a consistent contributor to group shows. Trudy's clothesline pieces garner much interest from the tourism sector.