Painter - Acrylic

Ruth Andrews began painting several years ago with a co-worker and has been dabbling in art since.  When she is not working and busy with other things she tries to get at a painting.  Her paintings are done in acrylic because this is her favorite medium.  She has painted with water colors and water mixable oil paints, but hasn’t ventured to use oil paints to date, maybe someday.  Ruth does most of her art work from her own photographs; she has also done paintings for friends who have given her a picture to paint for them.  Her favorite subjects have been landscapes, scenery and homes.

Ruth loves doing art work for the simple fact that it is the most therapeutic and relaxing thing she has ever done and the end result is a very rewarding feeling.  She enjoyed taking lessons from the well-known artists Clarence Osmond, Angela Baker and E. J. Wareham.