LAWN's members work in a variety of media and each has their own story and approach to their artwork. Click on a member name to read about each artist:

Jackie Alcock

Ruth Andrews

Peggy Kelly Andrews

Maggie Atkinson

Barbara Bellows

Lorne Bishop

Terry Boland

Samuel Boudreau

Linda Buckle

Rosemary Burton

Cy Byrne

Grace Callahan

Trudy-Jo Campbell

Judy Cantwell

Diana Chisholm

Shannon Ann Coyle

Rosalind House Cross

Joanne Duhart

Janis Evans

Roy Evans

Audrey Feltham

Whitney French

Louise Gauthier

Jeanne Germani

Marcus Gosse

Sandra Hewitt-Parsons

Jane Hogan

Noel Hogan

Ed Hollett

Anna House

Gloria Hunt

Amanda Johnson

Alli Johnston

Charlotte Jones

Kent Jones

Mandy Keeping

Nicole LeDrew May

Bride Locke

Tessa May

Pauline McAuley

Janet Mews

Blake Mills

Evie Newton

Marian Ouchi

Lorraine Patey

Georgina Payne

Karen Ann Pink

Renate Pohl

Anne LeMessurier Pinsent

Karole Haycock Pittman

Mary J. Read

Jane Reagh

Jan Reid

Garry Richards

Ellen Richards

Barbara Roberts

Kristin Roks

Paul Ross

Chris Short

Judith Simmonds Parsons

Janet Smith

Linda Tannahill

Patricia Taylor

Maria Voitk

Molly White

Jean Wills

Jeremy Wills

Barbara Young