Fibre Artist

All her life Maria Voitk has enjoyed the textures and colours of cloth and yarns and now finds great enjoyment in combining them in her own depictions of  Newfoundland’s  beautiful flora and fungi. The searches for rare or elusive blooms, the forays for edible and new mushroom species, give rise to almost too many images for one lifespan .  She likes to photograph her subject initially, and then to depict it in soft-fibre art botanically correctly, yet with artistic freedom enough to satisfy that image in her mind’s eye.  Maria likes the choosing of the yarns and fabrics, their myriad colours and hues, their softness, smoothness or roughness…but best of all, she likes designing, and experimenting, and coming upon just the right solution, and finally, just enjoying that creation, satisfied and happy that all has been done that can be done.