Marcus Gosse (ᒪᕒᐠᑲᐢ ᐧᑲᐢ) is a Newfoundland Mi'kmaq Artist, and a member of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band in Newfoundland. Marcus' grandmother, Alice Maude Gosse (maiden name-Benoit), is a Mi'kmaq Elder, who was born and raised in Red Brook, NL (Welbooktoojech) located on the Port-Au-Port Peninsula.  In 2005, Marcus was given his native name Papamikapow, which means "Traveler" (He who travels, not only physically, but, spiritually) from an Ojibway-Cree Elder from Sandy Lake First Nation, Ontario.  Marcus incorporates the ancient Mi'kmaq Star, Mi'kmaq Petroglyphs, Hieroglyphs, and various double curve designs into the landscapes of his paintings.

In 2009, Marcus' painting titled, "Seeking Mi'kmaq Enlightenment" was exhibited in a group show by the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax, and is now a part of their permanent collection.  Since 2014, The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery in Newfoundland has acquired three paintings titled, “Visions From A Sweat Lodge”, “Mi’kmaq Caribou(Qalipu) Soup”, and “Revival” (“Minua’latl”) which displays a Cultural Renaissance(rebirth) in Mi'kma'ki(Mi'kmaq Territory) through Mi’kmaq patterns and the eight point star. In 2017, Marcus was invited to participate, and exhibit 12 art pieces, in the Canada 150 Art Show in Miami, Florida. Marcus has participated in several art shows in Atlantic Canada, and his pieces have been sold to art collectors around the world.

To purchase a piece of Marcus' artwork please email:, or, contact The Leyton Gallery of Fine Art ( Also, please feel free to join his Facebook Group: "Mi'kmaq Art By Marcus Gosse", and visit his websites: and