Art has always mattered, in all of its forms. As has science, ideas, nature and exploration. From the youngest age Kirsten Oravec had to map the edges of her known world, fill in the blank spaces of her knowledge and the paper, and art was always one of the edges.

Oravec trained in exploration geology and fine arts, and only as she expanded my horizons in both did she find out they suprisingly were one and the same. At the same time she developed a deep love for geologists and artists: both are iconoclasts, explorerers, searchers of the truth, anthropologists and shamen, and endlessly young.  

Kirsten lives in western Newfoundland, on the shores of Bonne Bay, in the centre of Gros Morne National Park, a place of breath taking and primal beauty. Her work as the park geologist/naturalist feeds her deep need to constantly learn about the world and people around her. Her work in the studio are meditations that feed her need to explore that greater unknown space within her that mirrors the outside world.