Chris Short is a multidisciplinary artist whose studio art practice has recently focused on the creation of plant print drawings dealing with memory, loss and the ephemeral. Most often though her artwork is community-focused and collaborative in nature involving the creation of sculptures and interactive art installations for group art performance events/exhibitions exploring issues surrounding play, labeling, narrative, travel, gender, identity, subversion and hidden agency. She is currently a member of VANL-CARFAC, a Board Member and the Treasurer for LAWN (League of Artists Western Newfoundland), and a member of the Rotary Arts Centre, Corner Brook, and has been involved in various community art projects including The Tangle, and ArtSpace, as well as the development and coordination of student art exhibitions and murals.

Trained as a painter and art educator at the University of Calgary, Chris has taught as a per-course instructor at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University, and as an artist/teacher with the Learning Through the Arts program in Western Newfoundland.