Blake Mills


Blake Mills has recently moved to York Harbour Newfoundland from Ontario(CFA). He has many years experience in the Hospitality industry. He comes to Newfoundland seeking a simpler, more easy going way of life. He is the co-owner of a building in York Harbour with his business partners Roy and Janis Evans. Together they plan to turn their building into a Galleria/Bakery/Pizzeria where they will sell handmade jewellery and artwork, produced locally, as well as home baked goods and pizza!

Blake has developed an interest in working with sea glass through his association with Janis and they have found it in abundance on the beaches of Western Newfoundland! Using nature as his inspiration, Blake has created a number of sea glass sculptures which have been well received at the Wonderful Fine Market in Corner Brook and by local buyers in the Bay of Islands area!

Blake continues to develop his new-found creative talent by doing sketches of local scenery as well as working on creating new sea glass sculptures! His innate artistic abilities are inherited from both his maternal and paternal grandfathers both of whom were successful painters. He plans to continue selling his work through the Wonderful Fine Market and at his new establishment in York Harbour called THE ROOST which will hopefully open for business in the spring of 2014!