Folk Artist

                                                     BR ClayWorks

Born in St, Lawrence, NL, I moved to Corner Brook in 1972 when I was offered a teaching position. From 1972 until I retired, I filled many roles. Mother to two children, primary school teacher, piano teacher, Art teacher to school children and private lessons, and in that time I became a Reiki Master and teacher. In 1991 I started sculpting and making mummer dolls in my spare time. Life became very busy so in 2003, I stopped my sculpting work and focused on my Reiki practice.  When I retired in 2014, I started sculpting again and opened BR ClayWorks.

I am a self-taught sculptor.  I began sculpting in the early 1990's.  Inspired by my own collection of Santas from around the world, I began with Old World Santas. My work expanded to include NL fishermen, Vikings and Mummers.   When I first started sculpting, I used a self-hardening clay. I found this clay to be very fragile when dried so this led to the purchase of a kiln. My work evolved and became more refined. Most of my work was commissioned by Gros Morne, NL Emporium and Beavercraft. 

My figures are one-of-a-kind pieces.  I sculpt each one individually,  They are then fired and hand painted. This work gives me such joy.  The creativity excites me as I never quite know how a piece will turn out. Having the studio in my home is also a great thing. Last year I opened an online Etsy shop.

This year I started a new series of Folk Art Animals.  They are funky and colorful and so much fun to make.  My work can be seen at the following websites.